Conte disapproves China's offer for Ronaldo

published on 01.01.2017, 04:00

The Chinese are trying to take the world by storm, not just politically or socially, but in the sports world as well. They figured that having football clubs with all the money in the world would be perfect for luring players into coming to China and get their massive pay day. But this week it was proved that there are players they can't get, Cristiano Ronaldo just dismissed a €300 million offer and €100 million per year contract. 

But this wasn't taken very well by other football figures in Europe, Chelsea's Antonio Conte for example, thinks this offer was disrespectful to other clubs as he told the press that: "I think it's an incredible story. We are talking about a lot, lot, lot of money. I don't want to trust in this. I don't want to believe in this. Because, I think, we are talking about an amount of money which is not right.

"I saw the last contract, the last contract with Carlos Tevez. I think we are talking about a lot of money. This type of offer is incredible and it's very difficult for the players to say 'no'. But I must be honest, I think it's not right. It's not right, this. Because you must have respect for the money and then if there are these offers, this type of offer... but I don't agree, I don't agree with this situation."

Photo credit: Real Madrid CF