Costa hails incredible Hazard

published on 01.01.2017, 11:00

Now that the doubts about Chelsea's potential to virtually win everything they play have been cleared by Antonio Conte, all the players are now convinced they actually have a really good chance of making history. In order to do that, they are going to need all the help they can get from key players such as Eden Hazard or Diego Costa. Both men are considered the best players in the squad, but Costa agrees that Hazard is above him. 

Talking to Chelsea's official website, Costa said: "Eden is just incredible. He is the sort of player who is able to win a match by himself. He is extraordinary. There are very few people like him. He is very confident in what he does and he is transmitting that confidence to us. I have been better than I am now. And that gives me more motivation to try to get better. That is what I will carry on doing. I do not set myself personal targets, in terms of goals and assists. What I try to do is improve, always.

"If the previous campaign has not been very good, or even if it has, I just try to do a better campaign than the one before. My main aspiration, and not just mine, my team-mates' too, is to conquer the title again. I felt we like had something to prove coming into this season. Last season we left a debt behind, so to speak. And that is the secret to our great form this season. We owe a lot to our people and we are hoping we are going to be able to pay that back."

Photo credit: Chelsea FC