For Mourinho, a Zlatan injury would be a disaster

published on 01.01.2017, 07:00

Only thinking about it makes Jose Mourinho shake in fear, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the single best player Manchester United has right now and suffering an injury would mess with their plans of getting success this season in all competitions. This player is at the same level as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo right now despite his age, Mourinho knows this and doesn't even entertain the idea of a possible fallout. 

When asked what it would be like if Zlatan fell injured, Mourinho was quick to respond: "A disaster. Obviously it would be a disaster, but that is football. [The goals he has scored] are not a surprise. In Spain, Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo] have a lot of penalties to score. They are phenomenal players with lots of penalties to score goals. Here, Zlatan has 18 matches and one penalty. It is not so easy to score goals."

About signing any new players in January, Mourinho said: "We are not going to do that. We have Zlatan, Rooney, Rashford and Martial, who can also be a number nine in a different style. We have a squad of 24 players. I know we have a lot of competitions to play but where is the striker to come here with that quality to play for United? Where is that striker, where the club can let him come? That is not something for the January market, it is probably something for the summer."

Photo credit: Manchester United FC