Guardiola wants patience from City fans

published on 01.01.2017, 12:10

Besides not being able to stay at the top of the Premier League, Pep Guardiola was also really unfortunate to have arrived in England in the exact same year as other amazing managers such as Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte came to other big clubs in the country. The Catalan manager understands that many fans may be angry after losing at Anfield Road this Saturday, but for Guardiola the players still need time to adapt to his philosophy. 

Talking to the press after the match, Guardiola said: "There are many, many things to fight for. The Premier League, the Champions League, the FA Cup, [qualification for] the Champions League next season. When there is one month or two months left we are going to see our position and then we will decide our target. After a defeat in the league on the last day of the year the conclusion is always 'it could be better'. The way they are training I am glad. I am delighted to work with these guys and the way they try to do the things.

"These are new things for everybody. Sometimes it is quicker, sometimes you need more time. In my career as a manager I never expect what is going to happen. I am training and playing and training and playing, after seeing the good things and bad things to getting better. We are not even in January. There are a lot of games to play. You have to be patient and keep going."

Guardiola also refused to blame Claudio Bravo for the goal: "We were a lot of people [defenders] there but it is a good cross, a good header. I am not a guy to come here to personalize, to say we lost for this reason. In one game many, many things happen. How we reacted after 1-0… I didn't see people not running and not playing with personality. We just missed a little bit in front for the last pass, the last individual action.

"It's a little bit part of our seasons. We control the games, we concede here at Anfield. I think it was the goal and after Bravo did not take another ball. We were quite stable behind. We controlled their start points of counter-attacks with [Sadio] Mane and the other ones. We did not let them run too much because they defend well and when they win the ball they are a top team running in behind."

Photo credit: Manchester City FC