Mourinho wants Martial to completely forget transfer talk

published on 01.01.2017, 12:30

Against Middlesbrough at Old Trafford this Saturday, Jose Mourinho proved that he will be one of the important offensive players for the Red Devils. He managed to score the equalizer against Boro and kept Old Trafford dreaming of a victory that eventually arrived. This is why when asked about his future, Jose Mourinho dismissed any kind of rumors regarding it. 

Mourinho said: "He played, he created, he scored, he fought. I think he was very positive. I know that he is a top talent. I knew Mkhitaryan was a top talent and I was not playing him. In this moment he plays even left back when the team is winning and needs to defend with a little bit more balance.  So Anthony has to listen to me and not listen to his agent. He has to listen to me. 

"He has to listen to me in training every day and in every feedback I give to try to improve players. But the Mkhitaryan process I was having almost every day Mkhitaryan’s agent calling me and saying Mkhitaryan with you will be a better player, keep going. And with Martial every day I read the newspaper: Martial goes to Sevilla, Martial goes on loan, Martial is not happy. Martial has to listen to me. He's a player with amazing conditions to be a top player."

Photo credit: Manchester United FC